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nancy chrisbaumHeart-Centered Guidance to Awaken Your Soul’s Unique Purpose

Nancy Chrisbaum, a practicing Shaman and inspiring speaker on dreams, intuition and creativity,  presents a unique perspective to her audiences as she blends Peruvian Shamanic traditions, with the wisdom of renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce.  An author, documentary filmmaker, and certified Luminous Energy healer, Nancy is a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Light Body School and served for over 17 years at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach in various positions, including as Public Relations Manager.  Her light-hearted approach to profound subjects engages audiences, allowing them to gain insight into their own highest potential.  Participants consistently remark that Nancy’s inspiring guided reveries and soul journeys are a favorite part of her programs.

Programs that Bring Ancient Wisdom into Your Modern Life

Nancy will gladly design and customize programs, workshops, and retreats for national and international audiences on the topics below.  In addition, she is available for individual energy healing sessions (in-person or by phone).

Here is what some participants have said about Nancy’s presentations:

“Nancy’s workshop was one of the most inspiring and practical programs that I’ve attended in years.  She clearly showed how to bring spiritual concepts into everyday life.”  F. B.–Santa Fe, NM

“I can’t begin to express how helpful and life-changing Nancy’s program was for me today… I hope she comes back again very soon.” M. P.–Gaithersburg, MD

 Soul Journeys, Dreams and Past-Life Patterns: A Shamanic Path to Self-Discovery

This program brings to light your unique creative purpose as you experience what the Peruvian Shamans describe as “dreaming our world into being.” Linking ancient Shamanic practices with Nancy’s personalized approach to Cayce’s methods for dream study and intuitive integration, she will lead the group into a fuller understanding of our shared destiny as Luminous Energy Beings—Beings who are no longer bound by the constraints of old life patterns and limited beliefs. The lecture and workshop will include:

  • An overview of the Shamanic Path, understanding and shifting patterns in our Luminous Energy Field
  • Cayce-based overview and exercises for Dream Insights and Intuitive Development
  • Energy Shifting Attunement methods for Healing Life Patterns
  • Guided Reverie/Journey for Dreaming a new Life into Being

Awaken Your Inner Voice:  Energize Your Soul’s Purpose through Creative Intuition

    Participants will tap into their highest spiritual potential by awakening creative intuition and discerning their own soul’s unique purpose.  As both the Shamans of Peru and the Cayce Readings suggest, we are all born with a specific purpose to fulfill and each have the capacity to be co-creators with the Divine Forces. This lecture/workshop will include:

  • An overview of the primary types of intuition, including dreams, telepathy & aura sensing and the importance of meditation
  • Exercises for intuitive development from both Cayce and Shamanic-based methods
  • Guided Reveries and Shamanic Journeying to open creative channels of expression

Living Like a Shaman: Walking Gently on the Earth

Discover everyday tips for tuning into the natural world and aligning with Spirit to express your unique role on the planet.  This workshop/lecture will include:

  • An introduction to power animals
  • Honoring the Four Directions and opening Sacred Space
  • Steps for establishing harmony with nature and the spirit world
  • Energy and chakra balancing
  • Soul journeying for discovering your unique creative role on the planet

Balance Your Luminous Energy and Awaken Intuition: Blending the Shamanic Traditions of Peru with Edgar Cayce’s Wisdom

Attendees will explore the connection between Shamanic Energy Healing practices and Edgar Cayce’s approach to wholeness through intuitive development, dreams, and active co-creatorship. This will be experienced through the use of the following:

  • Guided Shamanic journeying/creative reveries
  • Luminous Energy Healing/ Attunement methods and Chakra Balancing
  • Cayce-based exercises for working with Intuitive development

Education and Publications

  • BFA in Film Writing and Directing, University of Colorado-Denver
  • Graduate in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine, Four Winds Society, Light Body School, Park City, UT
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate and trained instructor
  • Awaken Your Inner Voice: A Guide to Intuition, Dreams, Meditation, Past Lives and Your Soul’s  Creative Purpose, an extensively revised release of a previously published book (below), co-authored with Ellen L. Selover, is now available at and
  • Awakening the Real You: Awareness through Dreams and Intuition, 1999, co-authored as Nancy C. Pohle with Ellen L. Selover

Documentaries, videos, radio interviews and audio work:

  • Produced and directed documentaries shown on regional PBS stations:
    • Ancient Karate: A Modern Pathway to Peace—Marin County film festival, short-documentary award
    • Colorado-Ghana Children’s Fund documentary, including shooting on location in both Ghana, West Africa, and Colorado
    • Tapping Hidden Talent, documenting at-risk teenagers, University of Colorado production
  • Bobbi’s Organic Planet – produced and directed a series of three, thirty-minute videos on organic cooking and Edgar Cayce’s holistic dietary recommendations, featuring organic chef, Ms. Bobbie Williamson. An overview is available at:
  • Appeared in and/or narrated numerous videos, home-study courses, and audio books/presentations, including:
    • Stretch for Health – Exercising the Edgar Cayce Way, an A.R.E. video production which Nancy co-wrote and performed in on camera.
    • There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce, audio book, co-narrator and producer
  • Featured internationally on Voice of America radio, discussing and interpreting dreams on the air for callers from around the globe
  • Numerous on-air interviews on dreams and spirituality including – WHRO-TV’s “What I Believe” program — Norfolk, VA


Nancy C. Chrisbaum

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