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Denise and Ellen love to share dynamic, hands-on and life-changing energy techniques that can help you release stress, heal past hurts, enhance your intuition, and open your heart to greater joy.  Since 2004 they have presented over 100 programs in 40 cities for audiences large and small. They are certified practitioners in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, and lifelong students of the Edgar Cayce material.  Together, their backgrounds include training in martial arts, massage, acupressure, hypnosis, and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

All of their programs can be modified to fit your needs and audience; Denise and Ellen are available for private appointments as well.

Put Your Stress to Rest!

Using Subtle Energy to Bring Peace and Harmony into Your Life

Your body is actually designed to hold onto stress to keep you safe, but the energies responsible for your survival can get overwhelmed, keeping you in a perpetual state of alert. You can change your energy and change your body’s response to stress:

  • Learn how to assure your body that you really are safe most of the time;
  • Repattern the fight-flight-freeze response so it’s fully charged for real emergencies;
  • Achieve more restful sleep and greater vitality;
  • Revitalize your immune system.

“Everyone needs this!!”  W.

Energize Your Life!  

Energy Techniques and Cayce Concepts for Vibrant Living

You have the capacity to restore your energy when you are tired, heal your body, and feel good.

  • Learn the language of energy and easy methods to optimize your natural capacity to heal;
  • Feel the relief of bringing in fresh energy and getting that extra boost you need;
  • Experience a Chakra balancing through a blend of Energy Medicine and Cayce techniques; and Open the energy pathways to experience joy.

“I feel great that I have tools to take home with me for everyday use.  Tools, not just theory!”  K.

Healing the Spirit Body

Energy Medicine Applications for Forgiveness & Gratitude

Gratitude and forgiveness are essential aspects of spiritual growth, but how do we learn to release those things that keep us trapped? The body holds on to energy patterns in order to protect us, but when we learn to transform that energy, we transform our lives as well:

  • Learn techniques to shift energy habit patterns;
  • Experience a reverie that awakens the spirit of self-forgiveness;
  • Understand the healing power of forgiveness and gratitude;
  • Recognize the energetic impact your own healing has on others.

Access Your Inner Knowing

Using Energy to Engage Your Intuition                                             

You are vibration! Your body is an amazing latticework of energies that shape the way you feel, the clarity of your thoughts, and the quality of your perceptions. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Techniques to get grounded;
  • Ways to recognize and to clear the static in your own energy patterns;
  • Methods for gaining protection from the environment;
  • Processes that open the channels to your enhanced intuition.

“I was so charged I could hardly keep feet on the ground!”

The Energy of E-Motion                                            

Releasing the Ties that Bind

Do you ever feel as though emotions have you rather than you have emotions?  At the soul level, you vibrate to the higher emotional octaves of hope, compassion, and joy. So why is it so difficult to express those feelings in daily life?

  • Explore ways to understand your emotions and their underlying energetic patterns;
  • Recognize the emotions of survival and learn ways to re-pattern those stress-related responses;
  • Experience a powerful reverie to build positive emotional patterns.

I am often a sponge for other’s emotions and with these exercises, was able to feel MY feelings and NOT everyone else’s.   So, Thank You!  P.

Private Eden Energy Medicine Sessions

Eden Energy Medicine is the work of contemporary teacher and healer, Donna Eden, and embraces the ancient wisdom of disciplines such as acupuncture, yoga, qi gong, and more.

How Energy Balancing Works

Energy balancing harmonizes the body’s subtle energies which support health, vitality, and positive emotions.  It is a complement to other approaches to medical and self-care.  When energetically balanced, the body more deeply benefits from massage, chiropractic, reiki — even medications and nutritional supplements!

Each session is personalized for the individual client and may include assessing and balancing a number of your energy systems. 

  • Non-invasive methods and low-impact movements restore the flow of your natural healing energy.
  • Energy Medicine is also preventative; re-pattern your energies and re-orient your body toward health.
  • No oils or lotions are used and the client remains fully clothed.

You and your practitioner will work together to make corrections to the balance of your energy   flow, helping to promote relaxation and engage your body’s inner healer.

Thanks to Energy Medicine sessions my allergies to dust and pollen are gone!   D.

Your Energy Session Will Include:

  • Discussing your areas of concern
  • Assessing your energetic states using non-invasive methods
  • Attending to the energies that need to be balanced
  • Learning self-care techniques you can use to stabilize the changes and help to clear, balance and direct the energies of your own body.

Our Classes Come To You!

Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover are committed to sharing hands-on healing techniques with others. They are certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners, Foundations Year Teachers, and authorized to teach Energy Medicine 101 and 102. Each has trained in various healing modalities through the Cayce-Reilly Massage School in Virginia Beach, and are former staff members of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. In addition, Denise is certified by Master Nan Lu as a Dragon’s Way Instructor, and a third-degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate. Ellen is a nationally-certified hypnotherapist and co-author with Nancy Pohle (now Chrisbaum), of Awakening the Real You: Awareness Through Dreams and Intuition.

Through their workshops and private sessions, Denise and Ellen assist others in personal healing and transformation.

For more information about programs or to inquire about private appointments:

Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover

Virginia Beach and Charlottesville, VA

Call 757-377-1077 or 757-377-1026

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