Inspiring Members of the Speaker Consortium, Programs for Change

Carol Chapman, Nancy Chrisbaum, Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover, and Karen Boldt


Carol Chapman

Nancy Chrisbaum


Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover

Programs For Change presents experienced speakers who offer a variety of exciting topics to engage, inspire and inform you and your audiences:

Intuition, Creativity, Shamanism, Self-Discovery, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Dreams, Past Life Exploration, Energy Balancing,

and more!

Individually, we represent a broad range of training and expertise – from ancient traditions to contemporary leading edge disciplines. Together, we share a desire to help people transform their lives.  

We provide programs for many different organizations and groups and have shared our programs with varied audiences across the U.S. and Canada.  Our common link is our connection with Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment), an international non-profit member organization founded in 1931.

Click on our names for descriptions of our programs, background, and contact information.  We are available individually or in combination for two-hour, half-day, full-day or weekend programs. Program topics and titles may be modified for your specific needs and many of us offer private appointments as well.